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'''Henry Beam Piper''' (March 23, 1904 – ) was an American list of science fiction authors|science fiction author. He wrote many short stories and several novels. He is best known for his extensive Terro-Human Future History series of stories and a shorter series of "Paratime" alternate history tales. He wrote under the name '''H. Beam Piper'''. Another source gives his name as "Horace Beam Piper" and a different date of death.John F. Carr|Carr, John F., ''H. Beam Piper: A Biography'', McFarland, 2008 ISBN 978-0-7864-3375-9, p.10. According to Carr, during his lifetime Piper claimed the "H." stood for "Horace" and the son of Piper's good friend, Ferd Coleman, claimed it stood for Herbert. His gravestone says "Henry Beam Piper". Piper himself may have been the source of part of the confusion; he told people the H stood for Horace, encouraging the assumption that he used the initial because he disliked his name. On a copy of "Little Fuzzy" given to...
Birth nameHenry Beam Piper
PseudonymHorace Beam Piper, Herbert Beam Piper
Birth date{{birth date|1904|3|23}}
Birth placeUnited States
Death date{{circa|{{death date and age|1964|11|4|1904|3|23}}}}
Death placeWilliamsport, Pennsylvania, United States
Resting place| occupation = Novelist
NationalityUnited States
Period20th century
GenreScience fiction, alternate history
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